Teller sales, service, and transaction processing. Core Director Teller supports every aspect of teller operations, including customizable transaction setup and processing, intuitive balancing and research functions, customizable receipts, automatic off-line store/forward, electronic journal capabilities, and aggregate currency transaction reporting (CTR) and monetary instrument logging (MIL). We are looking for candidates with financial institution and/or technical software expertise to join our client support team as a software specialist for our Teller Platform (Teller, Personal Banker, deposit operations, loan processor, loan operations, and bank help desk personnel). Oracle FLEXCUBE, Q2ebanking, SAP for Banking, Plaid, Temenos Core Banking, MX for Banking, INTRASOFT PROFITS, Validis, Banno, and Alacra Compliance Enterprise. Banking Software Overview. What is Banking Software? Banking software supplies the infrastructure to build, deploy, and administer financial products. XPressAccounts is a trusted online account opening platform. This software makes it easier than ever for customers to open a new account, removing all friction points and integrating with a variety of financial and loan products. Mar 06, 2020  Designing Teller Platforms for Our Future (Teller 3P) A CEO Strategic Boot Camp Initiative. Starting in November, 2018, CU.Answers launched a major initiative to rethink the future of teller platforms from a big-picture, strategic point of view.

Fast, accurate and consistent service is expected, but not always delivered. Teller for Cleartouch® from Fiserv provides the techniques and technology you need to make sure your customers receive personal and efficient service – every time, at any branch.



Great service starts with people who are confident in their job. Your front-line staff needs a teller solution that is simple to learn, easy-to-use, and provides secure access to each customer’s entire portfolio – all in real time. Teller is designed for maximum efficiency in transaction processing to keep your teller line moving quickly, and enables your staff to deliver superior customer service through the use of technology.

Seamless Access to Customer and Account Information

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Locating a customer or account is just a click away. Direct links are provided to search for a customer or account and to display the customer relationship or account profile. A drop-down list displays all of the customer’s accounts for easy navigation to the account involved in the transaction, eliminating the need to re-key data.

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Protecting customers and your financial institution against fraud and theft requires a solid customer verification process. Enhanced customer service and reduced risk are realized by automatically displaying an electronic image of the customer’s driver’s license and signature during the transaction. Your tellers are equipped to quickly respond to questions with direct links to the account summary and history pages.

Customized Transactions and Workflows

Teller provides easy-to-use, point-and-click access to teller transactions defined by role to ensure job-specific functions are completed. A variety of transactions are supported through links to monetary, inquiry and update transactions. Transaction processing is supported for Checking, Savings, Health Savings, Retirement, Certificate of Deposit, Loans, Safe Deposit Box and General Ledger.

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  • Safe and secure: Role-based access and security ensure job-appropriate authority levels
  • Flexible: Real-time and POD processing options are available
  • Dependable back-up: Offline functionality with store and forward capabilities
  • Single vendor: There’s only one contact for all of your service needs

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