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Dec 04, 2001  Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden (SRWAG) for Playstation Secrets Guide by Daba Myrod ([email protected]) Current Update: None. GUIDE DESCRIPTION SRWAG was. SUPER ROBOT WARS ALPHA GAIDEN ##### Version 9.9 (LAST) FAQ, Guide, AP, Events For PSX, PSOne and PC Emulator WHAT'S NEW ver 1.1 (070901) Completed Hard Mode Best Mechas List Pilot List Mecha Stat. Explanation Some little change in guide Add Mecha Section in guide.

Game Name:Super Robot Taisen Alpha Gaiden
Original Title:スーパーロボット大戦α外伝
Console:Sony PlayStation
Game Release:2002-12-05
Genre:Strategy, Tactical RPG
Languages:English Patched, Japanese
Image Format:BIN/CUE
Game ID:SLPS-91506, SLPS-03148, SLPS-03147, SLPS-03577
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Super Robot Taisen Alpha Gaiden (スーパーロボット大戦α外伝) is a Strategy/Tactical RPG video game published by Banpresto released on December 5, 2002 for the Sony PlayStation.

Alternative Title: 'Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden'

Grand Touring 700/SE. Formula III 600/600R/600 LT/700/700 R. Ski doo formula s 380. Skandic WT/SWT/WT LC.

Released ByAeon Genesis
StatusFully playable, there are some issues check included readme.
Patch Version0.95b
Release Date26 December 2008

Super Robot Taisen Alpha Gaiden is a Tactical RPG game from the long line of Super Robot Taisen Games. This game, much like the others in the series, feature multiple Mechs and Robots from Different series such as Gundam and Mazinger.

In Most cases when people translate the Super Robot Taisen games it is mostly just translating the skill names and descriptions however this is in fact a full translation. All Menus, Dialogue, and Story have been translated meaning that you may finally enjoy an SRT game’s Story without skipping through it.

If you enjoy other SRT games then you will enjoy this one given the added bonus of actually being able to understand the story. Hp ilo keygen.

  • (v1.0).bin CRC-32: 1da43687 (SLPS-03148) (Original release)
  • (v1.1).bin CRC-32: 9690ee97 (SLPS-91506) (Internally it's still SLPS-03148, this is 'PSone Books' re-release)
  • (Shokai Genteiban).bin CRC-32: b9bef60c (SLPS-03147) ('Limited Edition')
  • (Premium Edition).bin CRC-32: 366c1cf1 (SLPS-03577)
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Super Robot Alpha Gaiden Gameshark 2


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