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12 hours ago  Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (DS) Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days revolves around Roxas, the 'other' hero from Kingdom Hearts II. Mid: 01:23:29: Whitney Houston - One Moment In Time 2. Pnach singkatnya menadi CRC. 3)DirectSound: Seharusnya sedikit parah daripada X Audio 2, gunakan bila berjalan baik untuk anda. 0 sound plugin (Hmm it could be the. Kingdom Hearts II is a Action RPG video game published by Square Enix released on March 28, 2006 for the Sony PlayStation 2. Kingdom Hearts II (USA).iso CRC = 480FFF02. Save the cheats by clicking on Save As, and name the file whatever you want 9. Click Close, and get back to the game by going to Emulator - Run PlayStation 2. Kingdom Hearts' 60 FPS patches // 60 FPS Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix patch=1,EE,00349E1C,extended,00000000. Kingdom Hearts 2 Pnach File Download; Registered users can also use our File Leecher to download files directly from all file hosts where it was found on. Just paste the urls you'll find below and we'll download file for you! If you have any other trouble downloading pcsx2 pnach cheats post it in comments and our support team or a community.

Game Name:Kingdom Hearts II
Console:Sony PlayStation 2
Game Release:2006-03-28
Genre:Action RPG
Publisher:Square Enix
Image Format:ISO
Game ID:SLUS-21005
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Peakhour 3.0.5 for macos. Kingdom Hearts II is a Action RPG video game published by Square Enix released on March 28, 2006 for the Sony PlayStation 2.

Kingdom Hearts II (USA).iso
CRC = 480FFF02

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Kingdom Hearts II (USA) PS2 ISO Download:

2.43 GB
Okay, here is my ultimate cheat table for one of my favorite PS2 games, KINGDOM HEARTS 2..
(My table set up is in random order..There are a ton of codes, and I'm too lazy to rearrange them.)
Credit to SKILLER & VALKRYS on some of these codes, as I cannot take credit for them all.I did however, find and label many of my own as well..
OK, so here is what my table has:
Infinite Munny (999999 is more than enough.You can always replenish.)
HP, MP, Max HP, Max MP, AP, Level, Strength, Magic, Defense for ALL PLAYABLE CHARACTERS - (For AP, 255 is the value, for Magic, Strength, and Defense the value is 100)
Infinite MP Gauge - This is the blue mp gauge under the health gauge on the screen. Using this will allow you to cast magic, drives, and limits, endlessly.
No MP Charge - This is that annoying purple gauge that appears when using magic and limits.It's basically a timer, that you have to wait to empty, before you can use magic and limits again in a battle.(Just put the value to 0.)
MP Hastega - Gives you the Ability, so make sure you don't override another ability you may already have set.
Infinite Drive - Go into drive mode FIRST, THEN, activate this code immediately. Otherwise, you will keep changing back to normal Sora.
Max Drive Gauge - The max value is 9
Mega Jump (Normal Sora Only) - You may have to activate this code while loading the game, to get it to work.But be sure to use the HEX value.You can jump ridiculously high, AND HAVE THE SUPERGLIDE ability, with a lot of speed on it..
Experience for VALOR, WISDOM, MASTER, FINAL, and SUMMON DRIVES. - No more taking forever to level up these drives and summons.Just check the status and put in the value of the number required to level up.Then, just go into that drive, and get one hit, and you level up. For the SUMMONS, you have to do a limit command to level up.
Buy 1 thing to get 100 of it. - Use the hex value.
Low Chance Of Anti Sora - Just use the value 0, and you won't ever have to change into anti Sora. (You may have to unequip this later in the game when trying to get the FINAL DRIVE.You can re-equip after you get it.)
FOR THE NEXT TWO TYPES OF CODES, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK..While they WORK, you may not be able to finish the game 100% (If you are a die hard like me).THis happened when I tried to do the PARADOX BATTLE IN THE COLISEUM..Hades wasn't there, so I couldn't fight in it.
1) Drive Forms in Donald's or Goofy's First Armor Slot - (Just go and remove it, and it is available to use.Don't try to re equip it or the game will crash)
2) Have All Forms Active - This one works too, but it may go away when changing screens.I had to break it into THREE parts, so use ALL 3, to activate the code.
Ok.Moving on.
Character Experience - You can set this hex value to 3000000 and it will give you pretty much every Level up ABILITY that comes along with being level 99.(Future characters may be at level 99 when you first meet them..Just defeat one enemy, and you will see them being added on screen. If you use it in the beginning of the game, BE SURE TO SET YOUR LEVEL BACK TO 1, so you can regain them all over again normally.(DO NOT ACTIVATE THESE ABILITIES THOUGH, UNTIL YOU GET VALOR FORM.
GUMMI SHIP INVINCIBILITY - This is a two part code.Check the value in the code description.(YOU MAY HAVE TO UNEQUIP the second part of this code, just to get to the gummi menu.Sometimes it freezes, so just unequip the scond code, then equip it again to get past the menu and start a mission)
PnachGUMMI SHIP MEDAL GAIN, AP, AND MEDALS DON'T DECREASE - Ap value is 99, Medal gain value is 30.
MAX ALLOWED COST GUMMI - value is 06. Sets it to the maximum of 1200 (It will go higher, when you get the cost limit upgrades, but KEEP IT AT 06 or it can freeze..)
MAX ALLOWED COST TEENY - Value is 04.Sets it to the maximum 500. (It too, will go higher.Just keep it at 04.
MAGIC LEVEL MOD - Another 2 part code.BE SURE TO USE THE HEX VALUES IN THE DESCRIPTION. (Gives you level 3 magic.HOWEVER, you may still have to get the magic upgrades during the game to complete ATLANTICA)
BOSS HP MODS - Don't feel like going through hell fighting Bosses? Just put the value to 0..and hit them once..They die.Sometimes maybe a couple hits..(Before you fight a boss, the value is at 0.But it will change on it's own.Make note of the one that changes to a higher value, then just put it to 0..USE THE RIGHT ONES THOUGH, cause some of them may be YOUR ALLIES..Just READ THE CODE DESCRIPTION, to know which Boss HP code to use.Also, When Fighting XIGBAR, WAIT UNTIL HE USES HIS FIRST SNIPER ATTACK BEFORE USING THIS CODE ON HIM..Cause the game will freeze.)
TIME STOP MOD - Stops the time..The value is 1
MAX SCORE - THis works for MOST sidequest games..

Pcsx2 Pnach Cheat Files Download

MAX TOYS IN SANTA'S WORKSHOP - Aka NO RELOAD when shooting presents into the boxes.
TITAN CUP POINTS - Makes you invincible during the TITAN CUP battles.Keeps your points at the 500 limit.
I HAVE A HANDFUL OF INDIVIDUAL GUMMI CODES..You don't really NEED THEM.Because if you use them too early, before acquiring them, you MAY NOT be able to use the ship you put them on during some
other missions.
WEAPON MODS for Sora, Donald, and Goofy - You don't need these if you use the weapon codes I have coming up.But, if for some reason you can't manually equip a weapon, these will help.You just need the digits.
SYNTHESIS ITEMS - I found all the individual items for synthesis.Then I realized I had to have them in the materials log too, so that is why their are TWO SETS..It takes a while, but put them all to a high number, and you can synthesize a lot of stuff early in the game, and get your moggle to PRIMO LEVEL, needed for 100% completion.
SORA, DONALD & GOOFY ABILITY MODS - Some of the best abilities from later on in the game, right at the start..The values for each are in each code description. BE SURE TO WAIT UNTIL YOU HAVE VALOR FORM FIRST, so you can use abilities.Once you activate them, save, and deactivate these codes.Some of these codes are LIMITS..You may have to wait until the LIMIT COMMAND is available in your menu before you can use them.
INDIVIDUAL WEAPONS FOR SORA, DONALD, and GOOFY. - Activate them, save, then deactivate the codes.
These are codes for all 3 missions, that include all treasures, kills, max level, and max medal level..A lot of people have a problem completing these because of the stupid CRUISER ENEMIES, and the FINAL BOSS on mission 3..If you wanna skip all that use these codes.ONE SET AT A TIME.You may have to get through at least the first two missions, to open up the 3rd one.
Last but not least..
MAX ITEM SLOT CODES.There are well over 100.I haven't come up with all those.Because not all the codes are in sequential order..I have the FIRST 14 slots..and then slots 20 - 22..You can put the value to what you want..If you change it to HEX, and use item digits, you can get that item you choose instead.BE CAREFUL NOT TO OVERRIDE AN ITEM YOU ALREADY HAVE OR NEED!
Be careful using the CHARACTER EXPERIENCE CODES and the ABILITY MODS..I just noticed, that I cannot use the SUPERGLIDE ABILITY that comes with FINAL FORM, because I have too many ABILITIES ALREADY..Some of them are DOUBLE, like 'SCAN', in which you only need ONE..
So just use a few of the BEST abilities instead, so you can save some space..You only get a certain amount of ability slots.
Pcsx2I use the PCSX2 Emulator 1.0.0
I didn't think it was a waste of time for me..I'm still relatively a newbie, so to speak, on cheat engine..
But I have been able to find quite a few codes for the PCSX2 Iso's I have downloaded.
I mainly use it at work.(Being a manager has its advantages, lol)
I wouldn't bother if it was any other way..
Nothing wrong with converting codes either.but sometimes, I end up having to find a code anyhow, because action replay may not have the specific codes that I want..
Sometimes, I just grab a codebreaker code, and subsequently find a new code in sequence..
But, like I said.I am using cheat engine for my PCSX2 on my laptop.THat's all..
Otherwise I'm at home on the PS4.

Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix Pnach File Download

Made by Rallo617
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