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Governor Link Mechanism
Air CleanerMount Bracket Bolts [A]
Earth Lead(Starter Model)
Kawasaki Fh500v Parts Manual
Remove the control panel assembly[A] while unhooking the governor

The Kawasaki Limited Emission Control System Warranty requires that you return your engine to an autho-rized Kawasaki dealer for remedy under warranty. Please read the warranty carefully, and keep it valid by complying with the owner’s obligations it contains. Kawasaki repair parts and parts diagrams for Kawasaki FH500V-AS10 - Kawasaki Engine. Android app development video tutorials. COVID-19 UPDATE: Call Center OPEN (from home) and Warehouse SHIPPING to all 50 states (with some USPS/UPS/FedEx delays) Learn more Order Status Customer Support 512-288-4355 My Account.

Clear the choke link rod lower end [C] fromthe choke lever.
Before installing the control panelassembly,check to see that the
choke lever [A] and engine speed control lever [B] move smoothly in
If any part is worn or damaged, replacethe control panelassembly.
After installation,adjust the low idle speeds andhigh idle speeds
to the specifications (see Low Idle Speed and High Idle Speed
GovernorArm Removal
Control Panel Assembly
Loosen the clampnut [A] and take off the governor arm [B].
Unhooking the throttle linkrod spring [C] end loop andclear the
Charging, Ignition System
Disconnect the connector[A].
(Electric Starter Model)
Stator Coil Resistance (ElectricStarter Model)
(Recoil Starter Modelwith Electric Clutch)
Connect an ohmmeter between statorpin and engine-body.
Stator Coil Resistance (Recoil Starter Model with Electric Clutch)
If the meterdoes not read as specified,replace the stator coil.
If the coil hasnormalresistance, but the voltage inspection showed
the alternator to be defective;the flywheelmagnets have probably
Check for continuity between each stator pin andground.There
If the stator coil fails any of these tests, replace the coil with a new
Unregulated Stator Output
Connect AC voltmeter to thestator pins [B].
Start the engine.Run the engine at the 3 000rpm speed.
Voltage reading should be minimum 26 VAC/3 000 rpm.
If the ACvoltage reading is less than the specification, replace the

Kawasaki Fh500v Parts List

Unregulated Stator Output(MIN)
Regulator Removal
Stator Coil Lead Connector [A]

Kawasaki Fh500v Fuel Pump

Regulator [C]

Kawasaki Fh500v Parts Diagram

Install the regulator andtighten the screws.