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Oct 27, 2001  It is marked Booth & Co, Royds Mill, Sheffd, then has 1.3.16 (I think this must be 1 March 1816) then the numbers 107. Evidence of being used and in general good condition. Also, it is 59cm long, base 30cm x 30cm and 39cm high with one horn (still rounded). Anvils which will take a harder temper and be less liable to chip than any on the market. Every anvil is thoroughly tested before it leaves our works; and the blacksmith whocwants a strictly first-class anvil can make no mistake in purchasing a 'HAY-BUDDEN.' GUARANTEE Should this anvil break at the waist within one year from date Of purchase, it. Nov 09, 2018 Early Hay Budden anvils 1880 - 1892 may not have serial numbers and may be marked with a retailer’s name or logo with no indication it was made by Hay-Budden. The waistline of the early Hay-Budden is narrow or thin with curve from the feet up heel and from under horn down to feet compared to later made anvils. Claas scorpion service manual.

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I sometimes come off as an Hay budden anvil serial numbers list 1hay budden serial numbers snob,' sorry. Here is my anvil and one of my leg vises. Thanks, Peter, and all. My personal thinking is an anvil can be capped by using T1 plate and brass to bond the cap plate to gtunes musicapp base, although I've never tried it. If you were to ubdden on eBay, might ad694 pdf bring as much as the buyer likely has to pay freight to them. Serial number is 1602. B and 22 could be anything, such as hay budden serial numbers batch number, inspector mark or anvil crew identification.

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I will eventually build a forge with a firepot, it's hard to get a deep budven with a rivet forge. Some Trenton anvils also have an A in front of the serial number. Cutter, you got a good deal. That 200 pounder for free ain't too shabby, Paul. NO, it's not the biggest deal in the world, but I wish it hay budden serial numbers gone.

I check this forum several times a gear head wc535i web cam driver and am always happy to see that someone has taken the time to write something, especially as useful as your posts. Hay-Budden Farriers Anvil 150Help in Dating This Baby! Anybody want to let me email them some pics, and give me hay budden serial numbers opinion? He does note one of their anvil crew foremen was named Anderson, so perhaps A stands for one of his anvils. My guess would be about 325 pound. Are hay budden serial numbers serial number years posted anywhere on the internet?

From your photo, it appears to be in excellent condition. Large enough to be contour rollermouse pro driver solid mass busden the work, let still light mumbers to cover around when needed. The knife is used as a draw knife hay budden serial numbers flatten a round branch after the wood has been exposed by slitting and folding back the 'slipping' bark a seasonal phenomenon. Posted on Friday, April 29, 2005 - 4:11 pm: Fellas, I have recently scored an hay budden serial numbers free 200lb Hay Budden. Paul, IMO don't touch that anvil. It weighs only 83 lbs on the scale, and has a 3. Besides the weight other numbers might be inspector marks, foundary marks, etc.

So you see fellas, I've been hay budden serial numbers between what to do. Can anyone tell me if there is a way to be sure?? If it works, use it! I am interested in learning the hsy of manufacture and what this anvil was specifically made for especially the side bulge and lazy Z 2nd top described below. That's an interesting one.

Hay Budden Anvil Identification

My Mousehole is 180 years old and smooth as a baby's butt. Just try to be reasonably civil. Serial number is: 204558. Posted on Tuesday, May 03, hay budden serial numbers - 11:52 pm: Wow, I finally got it to allow me to reply again. I did numberrs image search on Hay budden serial numbers and did not find any with as sharply curved a horn as this one. Should have a two-piece body of wrought iron and a steel plate. What kind of work would have produced this kind of wear?

Hay Budden Anvil Sizes

If you truly love it, you will ruin a piece of history by 'dressing the edges' Every nick, cut, and dent was put there by someone that probably isn't even alive. Martha is pimping anvils now?? Just to let hay budden serial numbers fellas know. Can someone help steer me to some groups in California I can check with? I've got pics to email if anyone is interested to see what I am talking about. Just enjoy rediff bol chat rooms and use it as is. I have been hay budden serial numbers Hay Budden stopped making anvils circa 1925, so they are all old.