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Flight time would normally be limited by flight duty time and, except for long range flights with additional flight crew (who all log the entire flight, even when asleep) (720.16 (4)) and extended flight duty times due to unforeseen circumstances, would be close to 14 or 15 hours depending on whether Ops Spec 093 was in place. A while back I posted in a thread that I keep a flight log for my Phantom. It is an Excel xlsx Spreadsheet. It's not fancy but it keeps track of your flight times and battery charges. While you can get battery charge times from the Assitant software you have to connect your Phantom to your PC. The spreadsheet will also keep track of the total number of minutes the battery has been used based. Just enter the details of your duty and let the app take care of the rest. Enter your consecutive report times to find out whether you are 'acclimatised' - Find out your maximum duty length and latest on-blocks time for your report - Performs complex FDP calculations involving in-flight rest and split duties - Look up definitions for commonly.

I have a question about CG % MAC. The CG stuff makes me crazy .
I have many variables for the CG Calculation from aircraft.cfg and the calculated Total Weight and Total Arm for the B737-800 (FSX default).
Now the question is, what is the fsx ( or AirWrench ) internal formula for the CG % MAC value? I have tried a lot of formula find via Google. But I never have the same resulat as FSX or AirWrench ( B737-800 with EmptyWeight 35.95 % CG MAC).
Also I have try this formula in the AVSIM Documentation 'fs_flight_dynamics_v1.0' , but not with the same result as FSX or AirWrench.
As I understood in the 'flight dynamic document' is the challange to get the LEMAC ( leading edge MAC ). The basic formula for the CG % is:
Distance to CG - Distance to LEMAC = Distance CG to LEMAC
(Distance CG to LEMAC / MAC) * 100 = CG % MAC
For Example Default B737-800, variables given:
wing_span = 117.42 ft
wing_sweep = 27.2°
wing_root_chord = 21.0 ft
wing_area = 1344.0 ft
MAC 14.10 ft ( calculated, same result as AirWrench )
The Calculation:
OK 14,41 ft LEMAC, then I will calculate the CG % MAC from empty weight of the B737-800
Arm = 9 ft
Then the formula for CG% MAC: 9 ft - 14,41 ft = -5,41 ft
And: (-5,41 ft / 14,10 ft) * 100
= -38,64 CG % MAC
This result is not the same as FSX and AirWrench empty weight CG ( 35.95 % ).
Can anyone see the mistake in the calculation ? Thanks in advance for your help !
Best regards
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FLIGHTIMELIMITS.COM is a unique application developed for Flight Crew and Cabin Crew. Flight Time Limits (FTL) application is designed to monitor crewmember’s FLIGHT TIME, DUTY TIME AND REST REQUIREMENTS.

FTL application is a tool that helps crewmembers to comply with EASA basic regulations and its Implementing Rules (IR), Certification Specifications (CS), Guidance Material (GM), Acceptable Means of Compliance(AMC) and other requirements established in commercial air transportation (CAT) within EU.

FTL application can be used by operators as FRMS (Fatigue Risk Management System)

This application monitors rules and limits to determine maximum duty periods, flight duty periods, block hour limits, minimum rest requirements, standby duty and other rules in order not to endanger flight operations safety due to work overload, acute or cumulated fatigue.

Flt Duty Xls. For Mac 2017


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    • EU Regulation (EU) No 965/2012 - Technical requirements and administrative procedures
    • EU Regulation (EU) No 83/2014 - Subpart FTL
    • EASA CS-FTL.1:

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