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Apr 25, 2017  Factions: Includes ALL 850 factions in the game, even dangerous ones. Please know what you are doing before changing your status with a faction! Also includes 33 factions from Fusion City Rising and 38 factions from Outcasts & Remnants. 2 days ago  Custom NPCs Mod 1.12.2/1.11.2 is added into the Minecraft game world coming along with a lot of new features and items. It is highly recommended for those who want to make their own NPCs in-game. Follow the article in order to get further content about how effectively it works. Is there a mod that allows you to create your own faction? I just wanna be able to send groups of settlers (3 or 4?) out on patrols. They just set out in a random direction at sunrise and come back to base at night to sleep. Maybe give you the option to rename them with a generic title? For example mine would all be called 'Commonwealth Regulator'. Dec 04, 2019  This is simply a template to allow you to create your own faction in FCOM. I was not able to find a way to actually add in a new faction without editing the base scripts, so this mod removes the Enclave faction, and sets up a template in their place. Main Features:-A full guide that walks through the same steps I take when making my faction edits.

Bethesda'sFallout 4 is an expansive wasteland that many open-world lovers out there easily tanked hours of hours into. Pair that with all of the awesome mods for the game, and it's definitely an RPG experience worth revisiting over and over again.

Fallout 4 Create Your Own Faction Mode

There are many mods out there that add additional story content, like this one that brings the world of New Vegas into Fallout 4, but this one allows gamers to try out a new faction all together, the 'Union of Independent Federations (UIF)'. Here's what the modder had to say about their latest creation:

Fallout 4 Create Your Own Faction Mod 2

'Fallout UIF adds in a brand new faction called *The Union of Independent Federations* This faction is join-able and serves as the firth main faction in the game, it even comes with it's own ending.


This mod will take you out of Boston and into the surrounding areas such as Brockton and Lowell

This faction brings in the 'Evil' choices that Fallout 4 was definitely lacking, letting the player make morally grey to even dark choices. The UIF team assures you that you will definitely enjoy this experience.


Fallout 4 Create Your Own Faction Mod Minecraft

DO NOTE: This mod does not always guide you by the hand, you need to listen to NPC's as quest markers won't always be given as you need to explore!'

  • 2 new questlines
    • One for the Brotherhood and one for the UIF
  • Over 20 hours of additional content
  • Quality voice acting using over 80 voice actors
  • 5 new worldspaces
  • Build-able UIF settlements
  • A new faction, the UIF
  • Unique side quests
    • Bounty Hunting and Arena Fighting
  • A brand new ending

Fallout 4 Create Your Own Faction Mod Mods

Hk vp9 serial number lookup. To check it out for yourself, you can download the mod here at their Nexus Mods page, or you can download it directly from Bethesda (Xbox One players will only be able to download from Bethesda directly). Either way, definitely support this team because the hard work and dedication is very clearly evident in this final product!